Laced Up Body - Turquoise


This body makes you look like a good girl at first glance, but its surprisingly saucy back tells a different story...
The straps can be knotted in different styles depending on what best fits your body shape: tied behind your neck, as classic shoulder straps, or crossed in the back. The straps are fully adjustable to fit your body perfectly, so there's no risk of them cutting into your skin.
It is made of a soft, shiny nylon blend and is fully lined.

80% nylon and 20% elastane. This fabric was sourced from another brand's production leftovers to avoid wasting precious ressources.

Biodegradable + recyclable elastics are sewn into the edges of the garment to make sure it holds its shape through time, won't sag, and stays put while in the water.
This high quality finishing also tucks the seams inwards for a flattering seamless edge.
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Tops and bottoms are sold separately for you to create your ideal look. Find your size →

Hand wash in cold water. Care Tips →

Responsibly made in France. Shipped in a biodegradable mailer.