Biodegradable Glitter


Shine, shimmer and glow like a babe with this fine silver loose glitter powder! This cosmetic grade product is safe for use as make-up on face, eyes, body, hair, etc. As a fully biodegradable product you never again need to feel guilty about your glitter addiction!

This is a great alternative to conventional glitter that takes hundreds of years to decompose. There is no risk of it disappearing from your shelf as it is very stable and biodegradation will only be initiated in a soil or compost environment where micro organisms are present.

- Manufactured in the UK
- Cosmetic grade, safe to use on face & body
- Biodegradable base film (meets the EU, Australian and American standards for compostability)
- Certified industry and home compostable
- Marine and waste water biodegradable
- Renewable sourced raw materials
- GM ingredients free
- Cruelty free

This product is packaged in a biodegradable ziplock, with a biodegradable sticker.
Store it in a dry, cool place and/or transfer it to another container. Will not biodegrade on your shelf.